28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 9: Favorite “Petals to the Metal” Moment

"Petals to the Metal" has so many amazing moments throughout the ridiculous number of episodes that cover its story - seriously, up until that point, almost half of the episodes they'd done were for this arc) that it's hard to pinpoint a single one as my absolute favorite. You've got Merle talking dirty to some... Continue Reading →

28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 4: Favorite Episode

Alright, I know I said that "The Eleventh Hour" is my favorite arc, and I stand by that firmly. It's the most narratively satisfying, and I love the relationships the Tres Horny Boys develop with the various NPCs so much more than in a lot of the other arcs*. While the finale of that arc is definitely... Continue Reading →

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