31 Day Challenge: Battlestar Galactica, Day 10: Least Favorite Episode

Considering that Season Two is my favorite season, I feel a little bad that my least favorite episode is in it. "Black Market" is awful. Even Ron Moore admits that he dislikes this episode. Because it's awful. It's the most ridiculous the show ever got, and yes, I'm putting it above the final season's shenanigans.... Continue Reading →

31 Day Challenge: Battlestar Galactica, Day 8: Least Favorite Season

Well, I'm at work today (I'm working three weekends of midnight shifts this month, yay) and realized two things: 1) I almost forgot to do this and 2) I didn't have a similar post the last time I did this challenge. So this is fresh and shiny and new! Also, if any of this sounds... Continue Reading →

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