You go down there looking for justice, that's what you find: just us.~ Richard Pryor

“Control” by Poe

So this is how it feels,To breathe in the summer air,To feel the sand between my toes,And love inside my ear. All those things you taught me to fear,I've got them in my garden now, andYou're not welcome here.

Still my favorite exchange in DA: I party banter …

Dorian: I can't believe you're scared of magic, Sera. It's a gift as mundane to me as your bow to you. Surely you see there's nothing to fear in a properly used tool. Sera: Tell that to all the "proper" mages waving their tools in people's faces! Dorian: There's an image. Sera: What about Coryphamus? How many "proper tools" does he... Continue Reading →

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